we ship out every weekday at 16:00!

shipping costs are € 3,50 within the netherlands (through postnl).
when ordered before 16.00 on working days we ship out your order the same day.
orders up to 2x 250gr fit through your mailbox (mailbox parcel). everything above that is shipped in a regular parcel.
you'll receive a track and trace link once your order is on its way!

international orders
for international orders please send your order and shipping address to and we'll take it from there.

we only support payment through iDeal.

filter or espresso roast
we do not roast our coffee differently for espresso or filter. at the core level of the coffee bean there are aroma components to be developed during the roasting process. our aim is to fully develop and showcase the unique character of a specific coffee

single origin or blend
as there is so much natural diversity in coffee (due to terroir, processing and variety) we only offer single origin coffees.
also, there is the technical problem of extracting all coffees in a blend equally well at the same grind setting (that's impossible).

the aromas of a coffee is best preserved when shipped as whole beans and ground just before brewing. however, when you do not own a grinder, we grind and seal your coffee just before shipping so the loss of quality is minimized. always use ground coffee asap.

we brew our filters with a ratio of 6gr of coffee per 100gr of water. for espresso we suggest using an dosage between 18-20gr of coffee for 35-45gr of espresso with an extraction time of 25-32sec. but feel free to play around with these ratios.