filter or espresso roast
we roast our coffee slightly different for filter (shorter roast) and espresso (longer roast). though the differences in roasting are subtle, in our opinion it brings out the best of the aromas of a coffee for these different brewing methods (espresso using pressure and a short extraction time / filter without pressure and a long extraction time). we recommend using the different roasts like this:
filter roast   pour over, automatic drip, aeropress and french press
espresso roast     moka pot and espresso machines

the aromas of a coffee is best preserved when shipped as whole beans and ground just before brewing. however, when you do not own a grinder, we grind and seal your coffee just before shipping so the loss of quality is minimized. always use ground coffee asap.

this webshop can only be used for orders within the netherlands. for international orders please send an email with your order and shipping address to and we'll take it from there.
shipping costs within the netherlands are:
200g € 1,50 mailbox parcel
2x 200g € 3,00 mailbox parcel
above that    € 3,50  parcel
when ordered before 16.00 on working days the coffee will be in your mailbox the next day.

at the moment only payment via iDeal is integrated in our webshop.
if you like to pay in BITCOIN that is also possible, we actually love that. please let us know and we'll set it up.