cascara - dried coffee cherry

cascara is dried coffee cherry and is traditionally used to brew tea in many coffee producing countries in latin america. the taste is sweet and a bit like dried cranberries.

this cascara comes from the argote family in colombia. the argote family have been growing coffee for generations in the lush hills around the small town of génova in nariño. the past decade they have started to focus on the increase of specialty production and involving all the farmers around them. together with lennart from this side up they now directly process and export all their own coffee and for a growing number of producing families in the region. it is super beautiful to see their process and dedication <3

// BREWING // for hot brewing we recommend using 5 grams of cascara for 200 grams of water (100 C). steep for 5-7 minutes. for cold brewing we recommend starting with 5-10 grams of cascara for 100 grams of cold water, you can play around with the ratio depending on your desired strength (also for example if you want to dilute it later). let sit for at least 4 hours.

// PACKED in 250GR BAGS //
farmargote family
altitude1950 - 2000 mm
varietycastillo, caturra
traderthis side up